Our Top Tested Websites

Top Websites To Get Free Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers

If you are looking for online websites to help you get free likes and Twitter followers, then keep in mind that not every website is legit, sometimes you can also come across scams. But don’t worry, we have made our own tested and verified list, they will bring you better and faster results and we hope you will find them helpful in achieving your first milestone of Facebook likes or Twitter followers!

So here they are:

(For now, we have got only two trusted high quality websites, we will update this listing as soon as we get more)

Our latest discovery:

Recently I came across another wonderful website named Social Blingz which lets users to get free Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Youtube views, Diggs and much more. Apart from this, the site also runs referral competition which lets users earn 10,000 coins every month which can be used to get free likes and followers.

Social Blingz Referral Contest

For every user signup that you make, you earn 247 coins and $o.20 cash for free! 😀 Isn’t that wonderful?! No another site offers this kind of wonderful stuff!

Wait there’s still more they’re offering…

If you’re good at marketing and leading signups, you can earn even more. Take a look at this:

So now it’s your chance to enhance your online presence and multiply your social media followers by using this wonderful opportunity. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this site and we hope that you will benefit from it!

Unique: Social BlingZ

Social BlingZ | Free Facebook Likes

-1. YouLikeHits

Designed and developed by “PorcelainSky”, YouLikeHits is the most popular online website which has served a huge number of people in enhancing their social presence by helping them getting free Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Youtube views & subscribers, friends and website views.

We are in love with this website because we used this website for one of our own Facebook pages and the results were really amazing. YouLikeHits gave us over 500 Facebook likes in the first day (without any investment). They were all user-generated and quality permanent likes.

Furthermore, the site has already served over 25 million Facebook likes and 2 million Twitter followers. And another impressive thing about this website is; you will always find over 1K users online and actively helping each other. So that means, if you work a little smarter, you can easily get 500 or 1000 Facebook likes or Twitter followers etc everyday without wasting a single dollar!

So do not waste your time and join this website as we highly recommend you joining YouLikeHits!

-2. ARTmeo

ARTmeo has just started off and is currently using search engine advertising to get more users and because of its high quality service, it ranks number two on our blog.

The best thing about ARTmeo is; you can easily earn coins and get more likes or followers. You can earn coins by doing the same activities as mentioned above for YouLikeHits but Facebook likes are a little different. The user interface has been designed in such a way that you won’t need to leave the page. A mouse click will serve the like and you will get your coins credited to your account instantly.

Join ARTmeo:

So that’s all for now. We will update this list as soon as we get more real working and quality websites.

Have A Good day! 🙂



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