How To Get Free Facebook Likes For Your Fan Page

In the world today if you want to make your company successful and want to have a healthy network of customers then it is really important to leverage your online presence by using the power of social networking websites mainly Facebook and Twitter.

According to a recent report over two third of the internet users are engaging online using Facebook and Twitter and we all know that today almost everyone having internet access is using Facebook to connect with their friends and family and that is why it has become a need for companies to use its power in order to preserve their online presence and remain ahead of the competition.

These days companies are spending a lot of money in social networking websites to find targeted customers and buyers and that is why their main focus is Facebook. And for those who don’t know Facebook recently reached 800 Million active users markup and further statistics show that users interact with more than 900 million objects everyday which include pages, groups, events and community pages.

So if you want to do successful online business, you have no choice to resist. You have to enhance your online presence by making sure that your company is available on Facebook so that people can easily find you. And if you are still not there, create a page of your company/website (or what ever) on Facebook and start interacting with people.

Once you have created a Facebook page for your company, it is time now to get access to potential customers by getting more people to like your page.

How to Get Facebook Likes?

Now that is an important question. Well, there are many options to get people to like your page on Facebook. You can ask people to like your page or ask your friends to do it for you. But the results will be slow and your growth pace will be around 10-20 likes everyday (maximum). I know this is not going to work, so here are a few methods you can apply to get more likes.

– Buy Facebook Advertising: The super fast way to get more likes is to invest money by buying Facebook advertising, I know this will cost you money but the results are really fast and you will get highly targeted audience to like your page. You can advertise your page all over the world or even you can choose specific countries.

The only problem is; all of them will not like your page and you will lose money. So, if you are a small company or a website, it will be wise not to take risk and find out free ways to get Facebook likes.

Other Methods Include:

  • Ask your friends to do it for you
  • Join forums and relevant groups
  • Get noticed (this can explode and you will get maximum exposure)
  • Run a website or blog to promote your page

How To Get Free Unlimited Facebook Likes?

The easiest way to get free and unlimited Facebook likes is to join websites which help you get free likes. There are a number of websites online which help people get free and unlimited likes. But for this you will have to do a little hard work.

Here’s how these websites work:

You Like Pages > You Get Points > You Get Likes On Your Page

Yes, this is how these websites work. But before that you join these websites, you should create yourself another Facebook account, it is necessary because if you don’t create another account, you will end up creating mess on your real account and your friends will think that you are spamming them. So go and create another account.


YouLikeHits is so far the best website where you can get free and unlimited Facebook likes. The website has been online for quiet some time and has served over 25 Million Likes and over 2 million Twitter followers. And the best thing about this website is that you will always see over a thousand users online which means if you work a little hard and show some smartness, you can get over 1000 Facebook likes every day without wasting money!

If you want to get more points on YouLikeHits, the simplest thing you can do is to get referrals, for each user you refer to YouLikeHits, you will get 50 FREE Points! You can also buy points and get more instant free likes and followers.

Join YouLikeHits and Get 50 FREE Points after activating your account!

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